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Bass Musician Magazine

"15/16 is witness to Mike’s sure sense of composition, and incredible playing, to an admirable level of halcyon clarity." READ

Bass Musician Magazine

"The new single from bassist, Mike Claiborne, is STELLAR, and that’s not just referring to the title of the tune."

Bass Musician Magazine

There are few albums by bass players that come along and seem to say “This is who I am, and this is what I do,” opting to focus more on a talent reel than anything else. “The Diary Of…” by Mike Claiborne is one of those few albums, focusing on the musical voice throughout each song and yet still remaining cohesive as you enjoy the album as a whole. READ...

Bass Frontiers Magazine

Mike Claiborne’s “The Diary Of…” is a really cool outing, and the ambitious premier release by this stalwart sideman and Nashville, TN native. The material on the CD doesn’t gamut as much as it is a very clear display of Mike undeniable playing ability and exacting vision. The compositions are very cool, and every instrumental phrase is delivered with a depth and precision that creates a clear and very well produced release! Nicely done, Mike! READ...


Mark Beckett

"Mike is a pro in EVERY sense of the word...from groove to tone to touch to work ethic. It's always a wonderful surprise to see him on the work we do...not only is my job easier, but I also sound better with him there."

Tre' Corley

"I've had the privilege of working with Mike in the studio and live recording setting. Both of these are challenging and he was amazing at both. He always came prepared to work and not only a great player but is a great communicator. It's great to work with people who can not only look the part but be it as well. I recommend Mike to anyone who wants to experience working with a real professional."

Tom Hemby

"When it's funky and when it's groovin' in a pocket a mile deep it's probably Mike Claiborne driving the train."

Denny Jiosa

"Mike's solid pocket, tone, and great reading skills make him valuable asset to any gig!"

Sammy Kershaw

"I've been doing this for forty two years and Mike is the best bass player I've worked with. That boy's a monster!"

Stan Lassiter

"Mike and I have been playing together for at least 15 years and I just love his Bass Playing, Voice , and Soul. He can play fretless Bass like he had it for a cradle. favorite jazz melodic bassist. Bravo!!"

Tim Smith

"Great grooves, melodies, and sounds--you are a monster player my friend."

Tim Thompson

"I’ve known Mike for 10+ years…worked in the studio and live together. Not only is Mike a great player, but a very easy person to work with. Plays great fretless, standard bass and always in the pocket! Great sight reader too! We are currently working on a project together. Glad to be working with him."

Roy Vogt

"I've known Mike for a very long time-first as a student and then as a fellow bassist and musical peer. He's always had a very musical heart and fierce work ethic and together they've helped to create a very formidable player indeed. He's one of Nashville's best bassists!"

Saul Zonana

"Mike puts all of himself into everything he does. It's always a pleasure to play music with him both on a musical and a human level"

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