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Pausing to Learn


For the past three years, I went through a season of pursuing bookings as a band leader. The musical formula has been to play my original tunes and arrangements of jazz/funk classics mixed with vocal cover songs. The purpose of the latter is to increase performance opportunities by making the band a little more “commercial”. It’s a great formula that has worked pretty well.

There have been some changes recently that have indicated to me that it’s time to move my focus – at least for the time being. This is not a negative thing but a positive.

The booking opportunities have slowed some which, to me, says that it’s time to put more effort into creating music again instead of only performing it. Also, some great things have recently come together with my home recording setup and the technology - not to mention I’m just feeling creative!

I still have a handful of Trio gigs coming in for 2016 to be announced. I also earn my living as a bass playing sideman and gear manufacturer and, thankfully, that work is pretty solid. Creatively, I am in writing/recording mode and that is very exciting to me! In fact, that’s something that I want to keep consistent for the rest of my life – even if it’s only digitally releasing a song at a time. I believe consistency is very important.

So, where am I creatively in February 2016? Well, I began quarterly single releases last year with Summer Song and Lua Cheia and I have a third tune recorded. Writing and recording are not that difficult for me. Frankly, where I’ve been getting bogged down a bit is in the post production phase. While I’m not exactly a newbie, I came to the conclusion that I needed to press pause and take some time to really study the technology. So, I’m currently in learning mode. While I also work in the pro audio industry, I’m (like most home recordists) a musician first and not a professional recording engineer.

I know that if I take the time to practice the technical stuff, like I practice the musical stuff, the result is going to be better recordings and a much better end product. As with music, I’m finding that the joy is in the journey. I love the discovery process along the way and, no matter what interest we pursue, we never stop learning do we?

For those of you who are listening and interested in what I do, thank you! There is an overwhelming volume of music in the world today and if I can capture anyone’s interest and attention, I am grateful. I can promise you that whatever sounds I put out there will be made with passion and the greatest of care. Thanks for listening!


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